Join your members on their journey.

Create a 1-to-1 experience for your members. Deliver a seamless experience across all touchpoints, and drive customer satisfaction through Health Data Network.

The journey starts here.

Whether your gym caters to the CrossFit enthusiasts or members that wants some light exercise a couple of times a week, Health Data Network provides you with the tools to create a unique member experience.
Automated Check-in
Members dont have to waiting in line to enter your club using our iBeacon technology check-ins are automated.
Book Classes
All the gyms classes are downloaded from your member management system so members can book right from their phone.
Insurance Reimbursement
Going to the gym could qualify for reimbursement dollars or rewards. Health Data Network works with the national leading Insurance companies. No more faxing paper printouts!
Training Sessions
Members can purchase training session packs for one-on-one training or group classes.
Trainer Workouts
Trainers can create daily workouts for their clients. Members simply respond to the workout with a touch of a button as to the complexity of the workout provided.
Video on-demand
Provide your members with on-demand video workouts when their not able to come into the facility.

Health reimbursement.

Your members earn rewards while working toward improving their overall health and well-being. Members can seamlessly register for reimbursements by entering their insurance member number though our app or web portal. No more gathering check-in printouts from the front desk to be faxed, we automate the process by sending the information directly to the insurance providers monthly.

Even if you use another mobile app company, you can still offer this feature through our web registration. No member is left out from receiving a reward for coming to your gym!

"From the front desk managers to personal trainers our clients and future clients needs to see a well defined team working together with their goal in mind. "
– Larry Smith, Gym Owner

Manage your network.

Health Data Network adds value to a your membership by delivering a seamless customer experience across marketing, sales, and service.

Listen for member cues.

Journey is a digital marketing solution to trigger personalized experiences based on member behavior, preferences, and any collectable data points. Automatically respond to engagement such as purchases, checkins, reservations, and email openings. Guide members down the right path based on their current or predicted behavior.

Connect the member experience.

Deliver seamless, personalized member experiences across channels, devices, and business functions. Use email, SMS, push notifications, ads, the web, and apps to reach members on all digital channels.

Automate the journey.

Build a 1-to-1 experience by automating engagement and adapting member interactions based on their behavior. Use predictive intelligence to deliver timely, relevant content. Deliver simple or complex journeys for every individual, no matter the size of your member base.

Analyze at every step.

Define specific goals, and measure everything from daily active users, timing, channels, conversions, and more. Evaluate your progress, and optimize as you go — driving real results.

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